SBSM039 – Karlos Copara from Accel Branding

karlos copara branding

In this episode, I interviewed Karlos Copara. He’s a branding expert focused on helping small businesses with their brand design, strategy and visual identity. Karlos is super passionate about transforming brands and helping business owners accelerate their business potential through branding. We talked about his 7 steps process to building a profitable brand and why…

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SBSM038 – Kiwanis Graham from MommaKate’s Bows


In this episode, I interviewed Kiwanis Graham (Mommakate) from MommaKate’s Bows – More than just bows! What started as a hobby only 5 years ago, grew into a profitable side gig, and nowadays MommaKate’s Bows has clients all over the world. MommaKate shared her journey and marketing recipe for building a successful online and home-based…

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SBSM037 – Arielle Pagac with Santa Theresa Tile Works

arielle pagac, santa theresa tile

In this episode, I interviewed Arielle Pagac from Santa Theresa Tile Works. Founded in 1986 with a desire to create large public art pieces that could be enjoyed for generations, Santa Theresa-style mosaics’ popularity grew with more projects being commissioned for commercial and residential spaces in addition to public art. With the downturn of the…

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SBSM036 – How to build a For Purpose Business and thrive with Cole Hatter

cole hatter thrive

In this episode, I interviewed Cole Hatter – husband, father, entrepreneur and investor, creator of Thrive: Make Money Matter, a top-rated business conference designed to help entrepreneurs create for purpose businesses to make more money, and then make it matter. We talked about creating massive financial success for yourself and others, and most importantly, giving…

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SBSM035 – Marketing vs. Sales with Cadu Medina

cadu medina marketing sales

In this episode, I’ll share with you my 2-cents on the role of marketing in sales and vice-versa. What’s more important, Marketing or Sales? It’s the chicken-and-the-egg dilemma. Thank you! Thank you all for tuning in. If you enjoyed today’s show, please share it by using the social media buttons on this page. Also, please…

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SBSM034 – Tactical Tuesday: Marketing Funnels with Cadu Medina

cadu medina

In this episode, I’m going to share with you a 3-step marketing funnel I bought into recently, that I believe to be a great example of what I mean by “Smart Marketing.” Step 1: target the right audience, step 2: create an irresistible offer, step 3: nurture and retain. Can you apply this 3-step marketing…

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SBSM033 – Solopreneur Growing Pains with Luke DePron

luke depron

In this episode, Luke DePron, solopreneur, Health and Fitness Coach from San Diego, California candidly shares his initial efforts and desire to expand and scale his service-based business. Like many solopreneurs, Luke is faced with a real challenge, trading his time for income, which is limited but is also a requirement in his line of…

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SBSM032 – Tactical Tuesday: Tackling Tradeshows with Cadu Medina

Tradeshows are one of the most effective ways to attract new business and a good tactic you should be considering in your marketing mix to help grow your business and expand your reach by showcasing your products or services to potential clients. During this episode, I will share in detail the why, what, when and…

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SBSM031 – 5 Imperative Marketing Concepts Explained and Untangled with Michael White

michael white

In this episode, Michael White, SVP and Group Account Director from Young & Rubicam, San Francisco, enlightens us with the 5 imperative marketing concepts that all businesses, large or small must understand and apply to successfully market their products or services. As a small business owner it is important to understand that size is irrelevant…

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SBSM030 – How to grow your business and the 4 Ps of Marketing with Angus Pryor

angus pryor

In this episode, Angus Pryor, from Profit Leap, invites us to critically analyze where the bulk of our business is coming from and encourages us to have strong measurement systems in place in order to have an accurate perception of who and what is driving the performance of our business. As a marketer, Angus knows…

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