At a relatively young age I had the opportunity to experience the rise and fall of a small business during a terrible economic crisis, my father’s carpentering business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is through this personal experience and throughout my career advancement that I began to realize the importance marketing plays in the success and survival of any small business.

I am a huge fan of small businesses and am convinced that they are the roots of our economic activity and prosperity as well as the backbone of our local communities. Thus, began my journey to share and fulfill my mission to help small business owners to become better, smarter marketers.

Whether you are a startup or established small business, this podcast is for you. And it is going to be full of business and marketing tips from successful small business entrepreneurs just like you, that you can model and implement in your business to experience their level of success.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About me, Cadu Medina, my background, work experience, my mission
  • Key details on the structure of the show/podcast
  • What to expect from the interviews of other small business owners
  • What’s in it for you and how this podcast will help you grow your business

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