Welcome to our first interview episode of Small Business Smart Marketing Podcast. Tim Lewis, entrepreneur and owner of Iron Spring Design discuss what it takes to grow your business through online presence and efforts. Whether you need to hire more talent, increase your visibility or strengthen your relationships with current clients; there is a way that your online efforts can facilitate these tasks.

Tim talks about his entrepreneurial journey after having worked in the high tech, software developing and web design environment for Microsoft for several years. Tim like many others wanted a change in pace and started his own web design business, offering his services to better serve his local community. Once his workload increased and he realized he was “wearing too many hats”, Tim recognized the need to delegate some of the work and began to look for additional talent online. Learn all the benefits he reaps from hiring remotely and having his teams working on different time zones.

Tim also addresses the challenges he faces in growing his business in a highly competitive environment and shares what businesses can do to capture the attention of potential clients, drive traffic to their websites and grow their portfolios through various tried and tested marketing strategies.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About Web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and web placement
  • Key details on competition in web design
  • How to grow business through “anchor clients”
  • How to market your business through your custom website and social media efforts

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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