In this episode, Ben Wojciak, Chiropractor and small business owner of Synergy Wellness Center, and I have an interesting chat about the ins and outs of establishing and growing Ben’s private practice straight out of chiropractic school. Discover how his business flourished; literally from scratch when his expectant wife and him opened their doors, to a sizeable team of 12 including chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists who can now offer clients a complete wellness experience like Ben had always envisioned.

This was no easy task, as Ben can attest to, which required many painful and expensive trials and errors of Marketing to get clients in the door. Learn how Ben quickly recognized how word of mouth from his satisfied initial clients was his most powerful ally to attract new clients and further grow his business.  He also shares valuable insights on how difficult but necessary it was to change his mindset from working IN the business; focusing only on the operations side of the business, to working ON the business, learning to delegate and better manage work flow and identify inefficiencies as well as areas of opportunities.  This truly was a change that made a huge impact for Ben personally and professionally and could also benefit you in your business.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How powerful WOM (word of mouth) is when starting/growing a business
  • Why solid branding, establishing your identity better positions you to the public
  • Key differences between working ON the business vs. working IN the business
  • Why you need to track your business and know your numbers
  • About the drawbacks of the “Super Hero Syndrome”
  • How Marketing automation facilitates retention of newly acquired clients
  • How to market your business through search engine advertising
  • About the keys benefits of mentors and coaches

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