In this episode, Donna Werking, Founder, Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Expert of Northern Arizona Social, and I discuss at length and with great level of detail the daunting yet incredible world of social media. Discover and explore the growth opportunities for your business through Donna’s wealth of information about social media and debunk the myth that social media doesn’t do a thing for your business.

Donna shares how difficult it’s been for her to break through precisely this, the fear and the resistance of the unknown from potential clients while trying to build out her business, marketing her brand and her reputation within the local small business community. She’s done a remarkable job by carefully choosing her partnerships, leveraging viable online advertising platforms and actively and consistently engaging with her audience in a natural, organic and non-invasive way. Donna has skillfully managed to use traditional forms of marketing and merged them with contemporary, cutting edge and consistent social media content and online advertising. Donna is passionate about social media and her clients are very grateful to have her on their side as a strategic partner.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Valuable tips to optimize your online presence
  • What social media can do for your business
  • How “telling your story” builds up your brand
  • Social Media for B2B (business to business)
  • Why Facebook advertising campaigns are a viable and inexpensive option
  • About staying “top of mind” by being consistent with your social media content
  • How your business can thrive on social media

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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