In this episode, Mike and Phil from Ability Remodeling discuss in detail the amazing, admirable and community building approach to their business which helps employ developmentally challenged members in their community. Learn and explore the opportunities for growth for your business through strategic lead generation by changing the way you think about and approach your customers.

Mike & Phil share how difficult and exhausting it was to capture and follow up with leads which often times where not qualified or ever converted into sales. They were working with the right tools but unfortunately did not have the right strategy. Discover how they strategically managed to break away from the conventional sales pitch and embraced a new more effective way to gain new customers by becoming an indispensable resource, supplying solutions to their customer’s needs.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About the benefits in building partnerships within your community
  • Valuable tips to connect with your audience through your branding
  • About using content marketing and social media to strengthen your brand
  • Valuable tips to create a strategic, efficient and stress free lead magnet
  • How building client relationships create future opportunities
  • About the “Giver’s Game” and building equity with customers

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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