In this episode, Grant Quezada from John Hancock Barbershop walks us through his journey to becoming a notable leader and prosperous entrepreneur. With years of military service under his belt, he recognizes the full value of collaboration, committed partnerships, but most importantly fostering a sense of autonomy among his employees. Discover how he developed his niche-targeted branding concept to create an environment where his target audience could connect, experience the camaraderie among their peers and be a part of something distinctive.

Learn how Grant trusts that his business will grow and prosper as long as he empowers his employees by allowing them to take ownership in what they do, letting them run with their talents and cultivating a caring and healthy work environment. He believes in creating entrepreneurs from within and is committed to helping them grow and become better business owners. His ability to put his employees first affirms his remarkable leadership skills, which in my opinion, every successful business owner should possess.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Valuable insights to help develop your leadership skills
  • How to astutely research the market you are looking to compete in
  • About the importance of developing your branding concept around experience and cultivating connections/relationships
  • Why autonomy in business yields many rewards for employees and business owners
  • How to grow your business through guerilla marketing when targeting a specific niche
  • Why identifying influencers is key for WOM (word of mouth) marketing
  • About Facebook marketing, affordable and easy way to build brand awareness and authenticity
  • How to collaborate with local organizations to broaden your reach
  • Tips on how to grow business through innovative franchise opportunities

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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