In this episode, Theo Soumilas from Northern Arizona IT expands our knowledge and helps us possess a better understanding of IT (Information Technology) and the various opportunities for growth and efficiencies that lay hidden within the electronic data that we collect through our systems while conducting our day to day business. Learn how you can tap into this neglected treasure and really see what is happening in your business; what’s working, what’s not working, what needs your immediate attention or what can be improved and so much more.

Listening to Theo will help broaden your view and refine the concept you have of your “IT guy” (the one you call to fix your computer when it breaks down or get an error message). He is in the business of helping other small businesses use the equipment and technology they have to it’s full potential and empowering them with valuable information to make sound strategic business decisions.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Business Automation
  • Valuable insights on the full capabilities of your systems and electronic data
  • Why peer groups and networking are effective ways to gain clients
  • How technology makes you more efficient and more productive
  • About CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Automation: how to use technology to improve customer interaction and retention
  • Why IT is more than a support group; it is asset that businesses can tap into to better understand client’s behavior and find trends to improve and grow

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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