In this episode, Ashlee Evans from Dental Success Institute encourages us to seriously consider delegating some of our day-to-day tasks to others to effectively focus on the tasks that are most valuable to our business’s growth and future. To some delegating is easy, but for others like me, it may be extremely difficult, almost impossible, but it may just be what your business needs to achieve the goals you have set out to accomplish. Learn as Ashlee walks us through this frightening yet highly effective process to decide what to delegate and to whom do we delegate these tasks to and begin to enjoy and make better use of our most valuable asset: your time!

Having the right people on board is critical; therefore hiring the right people also plays a big role in your success or failure to effectively delegate. Ashlee shares a wealth of information and resources that are available to us to improve and refine our hiring process to ensure we find someone who will be a good fit and is committed to the mission and vision of our business.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About time journaling for delegating effectively
  • Valuable tips on how to delegate daily tasks effectively
  • How to decide what to delegate and to whom do you delegate to
  • About the 80/20 rule as it relates to productivity and delegating effectively
  • Why you should hire based on culture of your business more than skill
  • What types of questions to ask interviewees to find the best suited candidate
  • About the benefits of working interviews

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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