In this episode, Charlease Linderman, digital marketing strategist and social media specialist, reminds us of how vital it is to our business to know who our audience is, who cares about what we are saying in our messaging and who’s looking for our products or services. Thanks to technology and the diversity of social media platforms, we now have way more control on how we target, reach and track our desired audience much more effectively and efficiently.

Having a plan and setting specific goals for your digital marketing efforts will greatly increase your success and will yield you a greater return on your investment; but only if you truly know how to make use of these applications, tools and tactics. Chalease encourages us to learn how to advertise through social media and to bring someone in to collaborate with to improve our strategies, optimize and manage our efforts if we don’t have a full grasp or understanding of these relatively new advancements in technology.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About granular targeting, engagement and tracking
  • Valuable tips to optimize ads to meet your business’s goals and objectives
  • Common mistakes small businesses make in the realm of social media
  • How creating customer profiles or user personas help define your specific target
  • The importance of re-targeting and re-marketing as it relates to lowering cost per conversion
  • Why testing social media apps, ad content and ad types is so important to finding what works best for your business
  • If and when should you delegate your social media efforts

Links and resources mentioned on this episode:

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