In this episode, Brandon Montoya, from Montoya Wealth Management, motivates us to explore new ways to communicate with our clients through our marketing to establish stronger and more significant relationships. As a financial advisor, it is imperative for Brandon to know his clients well; their needs, wants and desires in order to find opportunities to better serve and create value for them. Learn how to establish trust and attract your ideal customers through your marketing initiatives by promoting active listening and engagement with the community.

Speaking to the values that are most important to your clients is the most effective way to approach your marketing initiatives. In order to identify what these values are, you must first talk to your customers, one on one, P2P (person to person). Create an environment where customers can provide real feedback and you can dial-in on their deepest concerns. And most importantly follow through and implement; leverage and address those findings in your messaging and make the necessary changes to let your customers know how much you value their opinion.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • About the “givers gain” mentality
  • How offering people value helps you to establish credibility with the public
  • Valuable tips to reach each segment of your market with distinct marketing approaches based on their individual needs and values
  • The importance of creating local events to immerse yourself in the community and attract the right clientele
  • Why customer feedback is so vital to the future growth of your business
  • About the multiplier effect and how to turn clients into advocates of your brand

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