In this episode, Luke DePron, solopreneur, Health and Fitness Coach from San Diego, California candidly shares his initial efforts and desire to expand and scale his service-based business. Like many solopreneurs, Luke is faced with a real challenge, trading his time for income, which is limited but is also a requirement in his line of business to achieve the results he passionately wishes to deliver to his clients. Having come to terms with the fact that in order to grow he must explore a new direction to take his business and find a product offering that will no longer be limited by time or require him to be present is now his new challenge and courageous endeavor.

Listen in as Luke and I examine the marketing opportunities available to him based on his unique offering and solopreneur business model. Scaling any business can be difficult but it’s definitely possible with a clearly defined plan, approach and the proper mentorship.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why authenticity is important when trying to find your niche in the marketplace
  • How to attract your ideal customer through WOM (Word Of Mouth) and referrals
  • Why solopreneurs must be the face and ambassadors of the brand/business
  • About the power of influencers in the online marketing realm
  • How to scale your business through online course offerings
  • About the importance of mentorship and collaboration

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